Using Numark Mixtrack Software for Creating the Perfect DJ Mix

The Numark Mixtrack DJ Software is an awesome DJ software controller that comes packaged in a unique compact chassis which lets you perform and control your tracks just like you would if using traditional CD-DJ decks.  It comes in a very familiar layout and works just like two decks with two platters that are a similar size to those found on Pioneer CDJ-2000s.  So whether you are professional DJ working the club scene, or just a person who like to make their own party music, Numark Mixtrack will work for you.  All you do is pick it up and carry it to your next DJ gig… it’s that easy!  Read on for a Numark Mixtrack DJ Software Controller review and make your own mind up.

As you would expect from any DJ software controller the Numark Mixtrack does come with some standard features.  For example you can use the two deck controller sections by manipulating the big touch-activated jog wheels plus transports controls. If you are used to using a CD player, turntables, or any other traditional DJ hardware then this should come second nature to you.  In the middle of the unit you will find the unique mixer section which contains a smooth crossfader, deck EQs, line faders,  plus some very advanced settings that let you create loops and special effects.

If you don’t already own any DJ software then you will be pleased to hear that this packages includes a copy of the Native Instruments Traktor LE software – which is essentially a slimmed down version of Traktor Pro.  Whilst this might not yet be a solid replacement for someone used to using Pioneer CDJ-2000s, it’s still a great way to learn how to mix and prepare yourself even for your first live club night gig.

Traktor LE comes with several effects on each deck.  This includes filters, delays, reverb and flanger so you can start to create the perfect set, which you can either record and burn to a promotional CD, or simply play live to your audience.  If Traktor is not for you then you will be pleased to hear that Numark Mixtrack is fully MIDI compliant – this means it will work with almost all MIDI-mappable DJ music software packages.

There are other DJ software controller products on the market, but for the price you pay and the amount of functionality you get, the Numark Mixtrack unit is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective and capable products on the market.  Check it out today and you could soon be o the road to becoming a professional DJ!

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