The Best E Cigarettes To Buy

When you >buy e cigarettes you might as well buy the best, and that means finding those that have been rated by consumers as the easiest to maintain, recharge, replace e-juice cartridges or refill, and give a good strong hit of vapor. Since there is no governing organization or association to rate and give a seal of approval, we must rely on word of mouth and Internet reviews of those who have tried or actively use e cigarettes to replace tobacco.

The problem with asking a question like what is the best anything is that “best” can be cheapest or “best” can mean the easiest to use but perhaps the most expensive. So in the end, what I’ve decided to do is tell you what’s available in electronic cigarette brands and styles by different companies and show you what each offers, with a few pros and cons, and let you decide which one will be best for you.

ScrewDriver E-Cigarette Device

Some people swear by the ScrewDriver e-cigarette device because of the high battery power and the atomizer that creates a steady stream powerful stream of vapor. The downside is that 130mm long and is 21mm wide and weighs 55g when the batteries and cartridge have been inserted. Downside two is that it doesn’t even resemble a cigarette, and it’s name a ScrewDriver quite aptly describes its appearance. If you don’t care about looks or having a long slender cigarette between your fingers, and if the most important thing for you is to get lots of vapor with fewer battery changes, then you’ll love it.

Yeti Electronic Cigarette

There’s also an electronic cigarette called the Yeti. The starter kit comes with 2 electronic cigarettes, 2 batteries and 2 atomizers as well as 5 starter cartridges, the charger and cord. Those who use the Yeti have found that it creates good vapor and one of the reasons is that the battery is push button activated and so they wear down less and so the vapor stays strong. The downside is that the batteries don’t last more than an hour or two.

Blu and Greensmoke E Cigs

There are two other very poplar brands, one is Blu and the other is GreenSmoke. The plus is that these electronic cigarettes have what is called a cartomizer, in other words a cartridge and atomizer, which are replaced regularly so that everything is always as good as new. This in turn gives good vapor. Another plus is the look and feel of a real cigarette. A third plus is that these types of e-cigs have only two pieces, which means simplicity of maintenance and assembly. The downside is that GreenSmoke can certainly not be considered cheap e cigarettes. Many people believe the cost of the GreenSmoke e-cigarettes is well worth the benefits and is often chosen as one of the best e cigarettes on the market.

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