Sony Digital Recording Binoculars are Great for Nature Lovers

Sony has recently announced that they are releasing digital recording binoculars in November 2011 that are aimed at bird watchers and nature lovers everywhere.  There are two models available called the DEV-3 and DEV-5, both of which let you record in high definition HD, plus more amazingly let you record images in 3D – and can then transfer the video via USB to your PC or watch on a 3D or HDMI compatible television.

These are the World’s first digital recording binoculars and other manufacturers are bound to follow Sony.  For people who love recording nature and bird watchers these new devices could mean you are producing your very own high quality high definition 3D movies.  Imagine the joy at being able to record nature close up despite being miles away, and then editing your own movies to share online with friends or other wildlife and nature lovers.

You can see each and every detail of birds, wildlife, boats, planes, distant landmarks or sporting events.  Using the controls you can sweep into a wider area to locate your target, and are then able to smoothly zoom into your subject for a much closer view – and this is due to the 10x magnification ability of both digital recording binoculars.

Often with higher magnification binoculars the user will get wobbly and unstable images – especially with handheld models.  However, these Sony digital recording binoculars come with something called Optical SteadyShot with Active Mode – this is designed to give a clearer and far more stable view of your targets – which for people interested in identifying distant birds and planes will be essential functionality.

Both digital recording binoculars are very high priced with the Sony DEV-3 starting at $1,399 US dollars and the DEV-5 coming in at a hefty $1,999 which is a massive six hundred dollars more.  You might ask what the difference between the two models are – and in truth it’s not a lot.  The higher spec model has a couple more features the main one being an in-built GPS receiver. 

This will let the user geo-tag their videos and images and integrate them with a Google or Bing map for later reference.  The DEV-5 also comes with a carry case and additional leads – whether that is warranted in a six hundred dollar price rise will be the consumer’s choice.

Both Sony digital recording binoculars are designed to be used in stealth as they have a minimum amount of visible buttons and use an elastomer covering – which also allows for easy operation in the toughest conditions and whilst wearing gloves.

If you want a pair to pre-order Sony digital recording binoculars then you are going to have to wait until November of 2011, but they could be set to change the world of wildlife and nature photography forever.

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