New Features in Windows 8 Developers Version

The developers version of Windows 8 has just been released and technology blogs are covering every little detail all over the web. The OS received over 500,000 downloads in the first 24 hours alone. Windows 8 is far different from any previous version of Windows as its completely optimized for tablets and is touch-screen compatible; however, you can still navigate the screen just fine with a keyboard and mouse.

The new start menu is very similar to the Windows 7 phone UI, supporting interactive live tiles that can be rearranged. The traditional desktop interface as not gone away; you can access this anytime by using the keyboard shortcut ‘Windows key + D’ to quickly switch to your desktop. You can also use the keyboard shortcut ‘Windows key + tab’ to switch between any full-screen apps or programs you have open.

Tons of new features have been added to Windows 8 to support touch gestures including the Picture Login. This allows you to set any picture as your login screen background and you can login in by setting a secret touch gesture combination that applies to your background image. To access these options, navigate to the control panel and select Users in the left panel. If you’ve forgotten your picture password, you can easily switch back to the traditional password login screen.

Another cool feature in Windows 8 is tucked under the appearance settings and is called Auto Color. This allows you to select an automatic color option that will select the dominate color in your theme and apply it to your window borders, Start menu and taskbar. Once Auto Color is enabled, simply changing the desktop image will change your color settings!

New technology gadgets like tablets and advanced touch-screen display systems will come installed with Windows 8. Although Windows 8 supports traditional desktop computers, the default Windows 8 device will most likely become a tablet.

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