Hotdocs Software and the New Wave of Documents

When you hear the word “hotdocs,” you might immediately think of some of the beautiful men and women you see on the weekly medical shows deftly saving lives and dealing with life and death situations while retaining their courage and perfect teeth. But there is another hotdocs that is well known in legal circles and is arguably more popular and hands down more useful than any actor living.

Hotdocs software is a program that allows the conversion of standard file formats, such as Word documents, WordPerfect files, or PDFs into a universal template that can be used to create sophisticated forms and documents for any number of purposes.

This legal system software was first developed back in the 1970s when Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, started to look at ways for computers to generate legal forms. The software has grown over time, constantly refined and developed in response to feedback from an ever growing user base. In 1993 the first commercial version of the software was released, garnering a significant following and simplifying the complex arena of legal form production.

Sales proposals, contracts, court documents and other legal forms became much simpler and much less time consuming to generate. Similar to mail merge processes within word processing documents but on a scale much grander and far more sophisticated, hotdocs allows the user to turn a standard document, such as a PDF or Word document, into an interactive questionnaire. The answers from this questionnaire are then used to generate a fully automated and useable legal form, customized to the individual or company at hand with all of the correct clauses and details.

Beyond this, hotdocs can be used in conjunction with databases, allowing maximum efficiency and total customizability with the infrastructure of the many and varied documents needed to effectively supplement the company. Case and practice management systems can also be integrated into the architecture, making hotdocs a unique product to each customer, a truly versatile piece of software.

The functionality of the program also allows it to be portable across the internet, reaching clients and offices wherever the web touches. Additional software is needed to accomplish this, but hotdocs pricing can include the necessary components in package deals to suit most businesses. The time recouped alone is worth the initial investment.

With such an amazing tool at their fingertips, it’s no wonder that so many companies now take advantage of hotdocs, incorporating it into their daily workflow and enhancing areas that once moved at a sluggish pace, at once rendering them more efficient and less tedious. Now that’s much more useful than George Clooney with a stethoscope.

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