Swap Your Tobacco For An E Cigarette

For smokers trying to discover an alternative to their regular tobacco products the e cigarette is a healthier option which is quickly gaining acceptance. Also known as the electric cigarette, this battery powered device utilizes a component known as an atomizer to vaporize a nicotine solution when the smoker inhales on the filter. The vapor which is produced contains nicotine and a substance called propylene glycol which gives the vapor a smoke-like appearance.

The nicotine “smoke” and the tobacco like sensation experienced when using the e cigarette ensures that smokers don’t miss their traditional smokes and many actually prefer the clean taste of this high-tech nicotine replacement product. There are a range of flavors available so whether you are looking for the familiar tobacco flavor or something fresh such as mint there is plenty for you to choose from.

E Cigarettes have only been on the market for a couple of years so there is still a fair amount of work to be done before everyone gets to know this device and to give it a shot. With that said, the e cig is no longer considered a niche or novelty item as many hundreds of smokers are deciding to make that purchase every day.

What you should remember if you are thinking about taking the plunge yourself is that this device hasn’t been approved as a stop smoking aid by the FDA due to the fact that extensive testing of its safety has not been carried out. This isn’t to say that the electronic cigarette is in any way dangerous and most of us would come to the conclusion that its likely to be far safer than the alternative of tobacco.

Apart from the possible health benefits of switching over to the E Cig there is also the large amount of cash to stand to save in the process. Smokers often get put of when they see the price of buying a starter kit but when you consider the low cost of replacement cartridges you see that you will be saving a fortune over the course of a year.

Even if you decide to opt for one the most expensive starter kits on market such as green smoke e cigarettes you will still save over 50% on your annual smoking bill.

Your only predicament should be trying to decide which model to go for, and with so many on the market this may be no easy task. One thing to remember is that with this product you really do get what you pay for and cheap electronic cigarettes are best avoided. Select a high quality 2 piece device that offers a years warranty and you won’t go too far wrong.

If you would like to learn more about the top product on the market then you might like to check out this green smoke review from ecigaretteshop.com.

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