Cash For Gold Dust Information

So just how valuable is gold dust?  The value of gold during austere economic times is a good barometer that indicates how severe the situation may be. Thus gold dust, in specific quantities, shouldn’t be ignored when value is considered. Large facilities where gold is melted down or is used as part of a coating process often spews gold dust onto surfaces. This dust may be so tiny in particulate size that it is barely noticeable. Until it is vacuumed into a special removal system that separates gold dust particulate from ordinary dust. This is a careful process that allows the gold dust smelting facility to return gold dust to the coating process. This proves that even trace amounts of gold dust have significant value.

Collecting Gold Dust For End Use

In gold smelting and coating facilities, when gold dust is collected from surfaces around processing equipment, it has a number of uses, depending upon the secondary process involved. Coating with gold is sometimes referred to as a “gold bath”. Various items are bathed in gold dust and an adherent is sprayed onto the surface to give it a golden appearance. These sprayers often spew a certain amount of gold dust as the items go through a production assembly line. This errant gold from sprayers is collected and reused in the process.

Gold Dust Uses

Historically, gold dust has been used as a treatment for inflamed joints. Over time, gold dust came to be used to create gold dental crowns or “gold teeth”. A more unusual use of gold dust is in certain rich, sweet desserts where gold leaf may be applied to various pastries and cakes. There is no adverse human reaction to this use of gold dust that may be in a foil or sheet form. However, it does add elegance to the presentation of such trifles and desserts when gold dust foil is used as a coating. Gold dust is a chief component in thread used in many embroidered articles.

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