A DVR without Subscription or Monthly Fee

When TiVO first hit the market over 10 years ago we entered a new age of television viewing where we could watch our favorite TV shows when it was convenient for us, and without commercials.  The major down-side to the product was that you had to subscribe to the programing guide with a monthly fee that was transmitted to the device over your phone line.  As the market for DVR recorders in general has progressed, they are offered by all of the cable and satellite TV companies with new and improved features, but they all still subscription based.

That all changed last years when we went through the Digital TV Conversion and the DTVPal was introduced into the marketplace.  Now you can get true high definition TV over the airwaves without having to subscribe to cable or satellite TV service.  And with the DTVPal DVR you can get all of the convenience that you have become accustomed to without having to pay a monthly subscription fee.  The key feature that allows this to happen that was not available before the DTV conversion is the Electronic Programming Guide (EPG).

Most people are not aware that CBS transmits an electronic programming guide over the airwaves in most major markets.  The DVR will pick up this signal and keep itself updated for a one-week look ahead so you can keep your programming schedule up to date.  Some of the major features of this DVR without subscription are:

  • Record two programs while you view a previously recorded program
  • Pause and rewind live TV
  • Schedule recordings for One Time, or M-F, or Weekly through the EPG
  • Converts HD to SD or SD to HD depending upon your preference

Most cable TV subscribers are paying $1500 to $2000 per year for their TV services and could use that money more effectively elsewhere, especially in this economy.  Here is a device that will help to ease the pain as you decide to “cut the cable”.  Please join a growing number of your neighbors by participating in National Cancel Cable Day on June 30th.

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